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Plan your year with an experienced executive coach to make sure you set the goals that are meaningful and relevant to your career path. Ensure the work-life balance. Plan for success and make 2019 yours.

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What will you gain in our 60min online call?

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A clear path for your 2019 career progression

  • clarity on both short- and long-term career goals aligned with what is important to you and fits the lifestyle you have or desire
  • a set of relevant and meaningful goals for the year, each quarter and month that not only allow effective career progression but also ensure work-life balance
  • a focus to start the year powerfully

What's in it for me:

  • Is coaching the way to go
  • Answers to my questions
  • An offer drafted to my needs
  • Flexible scheduling 
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You are a master in your field, we are the masters of a process.

You are master in your field, we are masters of a process.


Time—efficient & on demand service

You are busy and we respect that. Time-efficient meetings and ‘I’m stuck sessions’ ensure you can have your coach at hand anytime.

ICF membership

Demonstrating not only knowledge and skills, but also commitment to high professional standards and code of ethics. icfcredentials


Personal Approach

Personal Approach

Woman to woman, no solution serves all and we know it. Your female coach will be with you every step on the way to your success. We are here for you.

Measurable outcome

We won’t let you buy a pig in a poke. With us you can track your spending against results.

Sience based methodology

Our own 5Es model is constructed to serve as a tool for increasing prefrontal cortex capabilities and ability to gain elevated perspective and mind clarity.

Do you want a clear game plan for  2019 success?

Do you want a clear game plan for  2019 success?


Don't wait: tomorrow is the only day that never comes!

Wether you are a talent yourself or you have one in your company

Book your session now and take the first step to make 2019 count.

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