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Learn how to use coaching to inspire your team members, keep them engaged, better address different agendas, create trust, increase communication effectiveness and spark creativity.

Embark on a journey to create IMPACT

Fundamentals of the program


Approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the globally-recognised organisation that sets professional coaching industry standards, our Transformative Coaching Training Programme offers an exciting and powerful approach not seen until now. With its fresh, leading-edge approach, our process enables authentic lasting change and enables you to create meaningful impact in your team.

Upon completion of the training, you will receive a professional coaching certification recognised globally.  As a graduate of our academy, you would have gained 75 hours of coach training and satisfied the requirements for credentialing that will enable you to apply for ICF Membership and the ACC Credential.

What competencies will you learn?


 How to shift a structured conversation to a learning one to spark creativity and create transformative solutions


How coaching evokes excellence in others through vertical double & triple loop learning to better engage your team


How to structure powerful questions and listen actively to highten awareness and create meaningful focus


How to create impactful conversations based on establishing safe environment and nurturing growth mindset


How to apply power of noticing to support others in discovering gaps and creating organic accountability and sense of purpose


How to be authentically present to increase effectiveness of team communication closing generation gaps, facilitating inclusion within diversity

What do others say about our training?


"The Master Trainer has a very passionate way of expressing, sharing, coaching and training. His energy seems to be endless and he uses this in such a way that I feel enrgized every single minute. He is very knowledgable and skilled on any subject that came up. He is creative in his ways to inspire and challenges us to keep improving, learning and growing."

- Carollyn de Faria, executive leadership coach & motivational speaker, the Netherlands 


"The Master Trainer is an amazing individual with 100% passion for passing on in an engaging and energetic way the essential skills required to be a succesful Professional Coach. His delivery has such outstanding clarity that he makes the content of this training truly practical and memorable."

- Howard Bryant, Managing Director of Retails Asia Limited, United Kingdom  


"A lot of effort have been put in to create deep learning experiences that are experiential and educational. This training has thaught me to listen differently to the conversation by observing the nature of content and I am more aware of the impact of the question on the coaching process. The Awaresness-Clarity-Choice Conversation is simple and yet so powerful to explore meaning and drivers. It is structure and at the same time offers an organic human interaction."

- Teti Bianca, Senior executive, Italy

We've worked with some largest organisations worldwide

What can you expect?

What can you expect?


• Interactive & creative training approach with techniques of Imagineering
• Passionate trainers open to support you during the process
• Intensive learning experience
• Toolkit to bring with you into your organization

Take advantage of the hybrid learning design 

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  • Access the learning portal library with coaching literature, positive psychology papers and emotional intelligence articles.

  • Take part in an online coaching session by one of our graduates, not only to experience the coaching yourself but also ask about his/her experience.
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Participate in an interactive training organised in a form of a workshop to acquire the knowledge and build the foundation for your coaching skills.

Engage in a deep and focused transformative coaching conversation under the watchful eye of a globally-recognised Master Coach from Singapore.

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Use our online platform to engage in practical sessions taking a role of a coach, a client or a facilitator to apply the skills in a real-life situation.

Our program is designed to provided quality layered learning so that upon the completion of the program you are ready to start practising in your organisation or with clients.


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Join our Graduate Community of over 700 professional coaches globally to exchange ideas, experiences and get support.

Continue to anchor your skills by participating in regular webinars and joining exclusive for graduates sessions and live demonstrations from all over the globe.


Module 1: Transformative Coaching Fundamentals

Coaching is distinctive in nature and set apart from other interventions because it is based solely on the needs of the person being coached, and it uses a clearly defined process throughout the interaction. Both a science and an art, coaching helps people develop potential that is already present, but not yet fully manifested.

  • Understanding how coaching is different from consulting, training and counselling
    Learn when to apply tactical and transformative coaching
    Understand how coaching evokes excellence in others through horizontal and vertical learning
    Apply the power of noticing to encourage reflective learning
    Learn the formula for Sustainability: Alignment + Action + Accountability
    Acquire a new paradigm shift from a solving mindset to a creating mindset
    Moving Forward: Roadmap to ICF Credential

Module 2: Engaging in Deep and Focused Conversations

The coaching conversation is a special conversation. As the primary vehicle for the coach to deliver the coaching, it is a conversation in which the Coach is speaking and listening with a total commitment to help a person to succeed. This is the most important module where students learn how to create a safe psychological space for their client to articulate what is known, but unknown to their conscious mind.

  • Understand what makes a coaching conversation a special conversation.
    Apply the dynamic flow concept to create a learning conversation
    Understand coaching presence as the key ingredient to initiate the change process
    Learn the principles to nurture coaching presence
    Learn how to create the NOW moment for the coach and the client
    Learn how to shift a tactical or remedial conversation to a learning conversation
    Learn how to exercise active listening to mine the content in the story for a powerful shift in thinking

Module 3: Coaching Dynamic for a Transformative Shift

The catalyst for change begins at this level where the client starts to gain more awareness into their current reality and deepen their learning. The student will gain an in-depth understanding of how to use our proprietary framework Awareness-Clarity-Choice ConversationTM to create a conversation aimed at heightening the awareness and deepening the learning.

  • Understand what awareness is and apply the transformative principles to enable a shift in perspective and challenge forward action
    Learn how to engage in an Awareness Conversation and acquire the coaching skill to effectively explore meaningfulness and frame the conversation for focus
    Learn how to engage in a Clarity Conversation and acquire proprietary transformative techniques to create the space for self-expression, expand the thoughts for deeper understanding, surface blockages, create current reality and preferred reality
    Learn how to engage in Choice Conversation and acquire the coaching skills to create support structures to hold people true to their decision and commitment.

Module 4: The Power of Inquiry

Asking appropriate and powerful questions provides an opportunity to open up new perspectives. This helps to direct our attention to areas that we have not yet considered, enabling us to gain new understanding through thoughtful thinking. Coaches help their clients to find their own solutions through powerful asking.

  • Discover the power of questions and how to structure them for maximum impact
    Understand the framework for meta-coaching
    Avoid making the top 8 mistakes when asking questions
    Learn how to ask empowering questions?

Module 5: Integrating Core Competencies

A coaching conversation is more than a dialogue session or a nice chat. The objective of a coaching conversation is to facilitate positive change in how a person thinks, acts or feels. In this module, you will learn how to integrate the ICF Core Competencies.

  • Establishing Coaching Goals
    Co-Creating the Relationship
    Effective Communication 
    Forward Action

Build your skills under the supervision of globally-recognised trainers.

Who are the trainers?


Dr Ben Koh

Global Executive Leadership Coach | Organization Effectiveness Consultant | Key Note Speaker

  • Distinguished by being holding Master Certified Coach credential, part of mere 4% coaches globally
  • With 20 years of experience as a Leadership Effectiveness and Transition Coach
  • Delivering C-Suite coaching services globally
  • Passionate about seeing leaders capitalize on their strengths while accepting and addressing development needs

Mary Senkowska

Global Female Leadership Coach | Business trainer | Speaker

  • Distinguished by modern, transformative approach to leadership of the future
  • With 10 years of experience in training and development globally
  • Delivering leadership coaching in intercultural communication, remote and confidence aspects
  • Passionate about inspiring leaders to become unstoppable in creating positive and sustainable change in their organisations

We've trained already 120 cohorts in over 40 countries. 

We've trained 120 cohorts worldwide in over 40 countries.


The science behind it:

The science behind it: Awareness-Clarity-Choice


Our proprietary transformative coaching approach fully integrates the science of EQ and Positive Psychology creating a robust platform that results in a sustainable change in coaching clients. It leverages on reflective learning theories expanding people’s capacity for awareness and enabling greater clarity in understanding.

Dates & Fees

Dates & Fees



Where: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
When: October 2018 (134th cohort)
Registration: OPEN


Where: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
When: October 2018 
Registration: OPEN

Super early bird price: Register before the end of July '18


Super early bird price: Register before the end of July €2.400

Early bird price: Register before the end of September €2.600

Regular price: Register in October €2.800

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